Zoomers magazine booth at the 2012 Zoomershow in TorontoThe rain and wind from a category one hurricane named Sandy could not keep me away from The 2012 ZoomerShow down at the Direct Energy Bldg at Exhibition Place in Toronto on Saturday 27th and  Sunday 28th of the October.

It was brutal weather outside and most people were real happy to finally get parked and get away into the venue unscathed by falling signage or airborne tree limbs.

The ZoomerShow is Canada's largest consumer show and lifestyle expo for men and women 45+. There were over two hundred and fifty exhibitors on all subjects related to this age demographic including health, money, travel, lifestyle. Now I’ve been to the Direct Energy bldg many times, and we both know how they work it down there and if you dont know then i will explain that they have almost unlimited amount of space to rent but most of the time it sits empty.  Indeed they make certain percentages of the floor space available by opening up as many walls as necessary. Few shows take the whole venue – like the Home Show, and the Auto show and the Canadian Restuarant Food Show etc. In most cases the exhibition cannot fill the entire room, and the ZoomerShow was no exception.

dr Archer, toronto dentist, senior's dental care practitionerThis attraction occupied approx half of the available square footage but behold, what diversity of exhibits and innovative use they made of the hall. I’ve never seen such an array of choices...

The 2012 Zoomershow had a half dozen mini - attractions like food festivals and beer courts, round robin Pickle Ball tournaments and a huge band shell filled with two dozen tribute bands. A different band would appear on stage and sing to the audience every two hours.  We saw the spoons. Lucy was boiwled over by two young people from a Toronto school for girls who had enetered their pets in to a best in class dog show that was on site, complete with bleachers and a well appointed canine obstacle course.

Just beyond that pet circus there was an mass exercise area with huge flat screens showcasing celebrity hulahooping and already a Gangnam style dance mix workout track.

Rob Campbell with dr Archer at 2012 ZoomershowDr Natalie Archer is a long serving seniors dentist at Runnymede hospital and she was on hand with a curious piece of visual marketing that I chronicled in some detail on this Report on 2012 Zoomershow on Digita Journal.

Zoomers are more than just Baby Boomers - the population seqment accounts for 44 percent of Canada's numbers which  control more than seventy percent of the nation's wealth. The population bubble that was the youth market thirty years ago is the market that Moses Znaimer defined as Zoomers. A CARP publication reveals how Canada's Aging Population has Fueled a Retirement Home Boom as it details the upward trend and highlights the numbers of seniors living in nursing homes has increased from 285,370 in 2001 to 393,150 in 2011.  At the same time the number of seniors living with relatives or non-relatives in a private dwelling has also increased from 285,370 to 393,150.  Basically its telling there are 33% more elderly people in the sytem.  The statistics agency also noted that women aged 65 and older were more than twice as likely to live alone than men, mainly because they have higher life expectancies and so were more likely than men to be widowed.But the Zopomershow is all about making healthy choices as you near retirement and beyond.